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Who We Are.

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Thanks for clicking in on the Jewel Team today.  If you are in a position to watch our welcome video please press play now.  If not, we don't want you to miss out on finding out more about who we are so please read along here.

I want to take just a second and clear up one thing real quick.  I do not sell, make or repair jewelry.  The Jewel Team is a 10 year old company and honestly there is not 1 week that goes by that I don't have someone ask me that - funny - it was just my nickname from my husband and it makes me feel happy to hear it said so often - so that is where the Jewel came from.  OK, now you know we don't make jewelry but you likely still wonder who are we? I have worked in the telecommunications industry since 1994.  10 of those years I have owned this consulting firm helping small to medium sized businesses save money.  In 2008 I had one of those years making me realize how important multiple and diverse income streams are.  I started looking at options and find a perfect fit for me.  So now the Jewel Team does two things - we help commercial businesses save money through telecommunications consulting and we also help individuals who want to bring in additional money to their households.  So if you represent a business wanting to save money on telecommunications products and monthly services click the Telecom Consulting button now.  If you are an individual looking for additional cash flow press the Business Opportunity button.  I can't wait to meet you.

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Local: 309.243.8100
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